Learning to reflect on what I learned

In my random act of coffee chat with the CEO of the council I asked him if he had a habit that led to his success. He said that he regulary reflects on the days events. I entertained the idea of reflecting when he mentioned it, but decided that I am not a “reflecting” kind of person.

I came across an article today about using reflecting as a tool to perform better. A study found that simple act of taking 15 minutes to reflect and writing down two lesson learned improved their performance. The effects of this were long lasting. Anectodal and experimental evidence supports it? Sign me up.
I spent most of my long weekend reading on future of libraries and communities of libraries. I been meaning to reflect on what I read, but instead I plowed through with reading. I decided to pull the plug on reading today, and to do some written reflections on what I learned. I also might have just discovered what I will be using this blog for, reflecting on what I read and learned. So today’s reflection is that I need to reflect on what I learn.

One thing I learned: “Agreed behaviors” empowers your team and holds them accountable for their own choices.
One thing I improved: I put a permanent maker in the information desk drawer
One thing I enjoyed: I had my quarterly meeting with the awesome English Conversation Club volunteers and served them coffee and cake.


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